• To Strengthen Safety Supervision and Improve Service Level

    Light Travel · High-precision Positioning Solution for Urban Public Vehicles

    Provides public vehicle operators with high-precision Beidou solutions for on-board terminals to achieve lane level positioning, tunnel and garage positioning. It will assist enterprises in improving safety management capabilities, improve service levels and explore new service models.

  • Enrich Vehicles Regulation Manners and Improve the Supervision Efficiency

    Light Travel · High-precision Positioning Terminal Solution for Online Car-hailing Service Regulation

    High-precision positioning terminal solutions based on multi-form carriers for online car-hailing service regulation requirements. Accurate positioning, track backtracking, limited area control, alarm reminding and other monitoring functions can be implemented to improve the efficiency of online car-hailing service operation and management.

  • Provide Core Capabilities of High Precision Position for Service Regulation and Enterprise Management

    Light Travel · High-precision Positioning Solution for Shared Bicycle

    High-precision positioning solutions for shared bicycle customers based on shared bicycle locks, realizing accurate and intelligent association of vehicles and location, which can meet the technical requirements of service regulation, enrich enterprise operation methods, and greatly improve the efficiency.

  • One-stop Monitoring Platform, Supports Customized Development and, Helps to Improve the Regulation Efficiency

    Light Travel · Shared Bicycles Monitoring Platform Solutions

    Based on high-precision positioning, virtual fences and streaming computing technologies, provide the core functions of vehicle amount control, regional excessive alarm, non-stop zone management and statistical reports, meeting requirements of government for the monitoring of shared bicycles.